About embolt

Whether you're a sports club, social group, hobbyist organization, or non-profit, embolt is the solution to running your organization. We believe every club and organization should have a reliable platform to accept online member dues, manage registration, run events, and so much more.

embolt started as a passion project for Grant after his experiences on the board for the Southern Nevada Climbers Coalition (SNCC). Running an organization can be hard, and growing one can be even harder; embolt replaces your spreadsheets and forms with dashboards and features that let you spend less time managing and more time on what's important.

Who we are

  • We're infrastructure for organizations: Running an organization is a hard, thankless job, and your own time is valuable. We've set out to solve back-office management for organizations and make managing one easier than ever.
  • We're a registered PayPal platform: We've partnered with PayPal to give you a seemless and secure method for accepting payments online. Our team works directly with PayPal to ensure our platform is fully compliant and legally registered.
  • We're bootstrapped from the ground up: We don't have investors to please, or an ROI to hit. Our roadmap is dictated by feedback from organizations and our growth plan is slow & steady.

What we aren't

  • We are not a walled garden: embolt is your back-office solution. Your members don't need an app, and your data is your own. Export your members, forms, registrations, and more to various file formats at any time all without contacting a human.
  • We are not a merchant: Once onboarded, payments go directly to your account; no funds are held and deposits are instantly routed to you after the PayPal and platform fee is deducted.

Our team

Grant Mercer

Grant has spent the last 6 years as a software engineer building platforms for communities, ecommerce, and innovators. He has a degree in computer science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and in his free time finds himself out in the mountains enjoying rock climbing.

Gabe Cleto

Gabe is an expert in designing user experiences for platforms, since 2014 he's built experiences enjoyed by hundreds of millions of end users for community platforms, ecommerce platforms and data analytics platforms. He has a degree in graphic design from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is a passionate rock climber in his free time.

Michael Gutierrez-Nery

Michael brings brands to life. He has over 8 years of experience helping businesses connect with their communities, and has a degree in Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He's not a rock climber like the rest of us (we got over it), but you'll still find him outside playing Tennis or lounging at the pools.