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Skip the hassle of cross-referencing payments with registrations, embolt allows you to seamlessly integrate payments into your registrations; members can pay you directly via Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal or even PayPal Pay Later.

Secure Transactions

Members pay you directly on embolt. No man in the middle, and no fund disbursement required. is a registered platform partner of PayPal.

Enjoy the security of PayPal transactions without the hassle of payments disconnected from their registrations.

One Click Easy-Payments

Make registrations easier than ever for your club with our customizable embolt registration hub, hosted on a subdomain of your choosing. Give your members a suite of payment options from Credit Card, to Venmo, to PayPal and PayPal Pay Later.

No Bank Required

Whether you're just getting started, or managing thousands of members, you can get started on embolt with just a PayPal account, no bank account required.

We're focused on providing member and membership management tools to clubs of all sizes, so you don't need official business filings or bank accounts to get started on embolt.

Non-profit 501c3 Discounts (Coming Soon)

Take advantage of PayPals reduced transaction fees for donation-based memberships. embolt automatically detects when you're eligible for charitable memberships and uses the discounted transaction fees.

Why do clubs charge dues to members?

It's not uncommon for a club, association, or organization to ask for dues from its members, and most often these dues are paid back to members in the form of events, apparel, equipment, etc... Dues are a great way for clubs to pool together funds that can be used to enhance the experience of members in a way that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Some examples of how dues can benefit your club would be:

  • Funding events that are open to the public, or members-only events
  • Purchasing equipment that the club can offer to attendees for free
  • Paying for permits to reserve space for the club to meet & function
  • Bulk-purchasing apparel to give to members upon registration

Example: UNLV Mountain Club

The UNLV Mountain Club is a student-run college organization at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, they use members' dues to fund 3 to 4 rock climbing trips a year and are able to provide all-inclusive packages during those trips. The officers are able to handle all of the logistics using members' dues and offer a fun adventure for their members without the hassle of booking and arranging individual reservations.

The UNLV Mountain Club uses to collect dues and manage their members. Incoming and recurring members have a smooth integrated payment process alongside their registrations, while the officers have a fully integrated membership management platform behind the scenes to easily keep track of who needs to renew, register, and so on.

How you can integrate payments on embolt in three easy steps

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