Member databases are at the heart of every successful club, and embolt offers its own feature-rich member database to supercharge your club's management and decision making with integrated data.

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Get a holistic view of your members without the hassle of maintaining a spreadsheet. Allow your members to manage their own information through our streamlined registration process.

  • View member contact information
  • List any member's registration details
  • Jot down notes for any member

Integrated Payments

Allow members to pay dues with a credit card, Venmo, or PayPal and receive direct-to-merchant payment. Members will always be paying you directly, just link your PayPal and we'll do the rest as an official PayPal platform partner.

  • Accept Credit Card
  • Accept Venmo
  • Accept PayPal

Managed Membership Durations

Allow your members to re-register at any time and count on embolt's member database to accurately calculate when they need to renew. embolt uses a rolling calculation to make sure members are fairly compensated for their registrations even when the date ranges of their membership duration might overlap.

Open Data Policy

Import existing members and registrations using our bulk-import tools, then extract all of your club's registrations & members back to spreadsheets with the click of a button. We believe that you should be in control of your own data.

Why member databases make a difference for clubs

The function of a member database is to store and relate member information together to make running member-based organizations easier. Member databases are at the heart of every successful club and make your administrative tasks seamless.

embolt's member database brings together traditionally isolated information like registration fields and payments. Member databases supercharge your club by powering important features like our dashboard:

How does a member database work?

At embolt, our registration hubs serve as the "entrypoint" into the member database: Anytime a member fills out a registration form and completes a payment, embolt stores this record in your member database and keeps track of important information like what fields they selected and how much they paid.

Later on, when you visit your administration panel, embolt pulls these records to calculate important information to show on your dashboard, like:

  • Which members are expiring soon
  • Who are your first-time members
  • How has your club performed over the last year

Additionally, you can edit / add / remove records from your member database using our administrative tools & filters.



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